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We are committed to the fundamental beliefs of life safety, incident stabilization, and property conservation. We dedicate ourselves to serving the community with honor and integrity.


Office hours are held by appointment Monday-Friday.

Fire Chief

Stacy Hyde

Deputy Chief of Prevention / Fire Marshall

Keith Banda

Deputy Chief of Operations

Steven Berg


Station Tours: If you are interested in scheduling a station tour or a time for the Firefighters to visit your facility, please call. Our Firefighters would like the opportunity to deliver our message to your group, no matter how big or small.

Resident Firefighter Program

The Bonneville County Fire Protection District has a Resident Firefighter Program that provides a unique opportunity as well as free room and living expenses. Residents are trained as Firefighter/EMTs; they work assigned shifts that include response to emergent incidents, inspections, public education, and station detail duties.

For more information or if you have questions please contact Deputy Chief Steven Berg at (208) 612-4061 or email [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

Resident Firefighters are responsible for their own food and meals. A room, uniforms and firefighting equipment is provided at no cost to you. All utilities such as power, heating, etc are covered.

Every resident will have their own room. Residents share the kitchen facilities, lounge, restrooms, and other facilities.

Resident Firefighters are on duty twice each week during daytime hours and are required to designate one shift weekly to respond after normal business hours. Schedules will be determined by current residents in attempt to correlate everyone’s best availability.

Prior firefighting experience is not necessary. Upon admission as a Resident Firefighter you will be required to complete on-shift training to meet minimum standards of the department as a firefighter. Training and competency must be achieved within a set period of time once residency begins. All training and certifications are taught in-house, with National Certifications, at no cost to the individual.


Office hours are held by appointment Monday-Friday.

"A" Shift Captain

Jon Molbert

"B" Shift Captain

Mike Dale

"C" Shift Captain

Jason Wilson

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